Staining Information

Staining of decks or fences is not offered directly from Decks By Design, however if you have a deck or fence and want to have it stained, our Crew Leader (Job Foreman) does all of our staining as a side business. He has been with us for many years and has stained hundreds of decks & fences.

His information is below.


Brandon Deibel


Stain Your Deck or Fence

It is recommended to stain your deck every 2-4 years with a high quality deck stain. You should put the 1st coat on after it dries (Within 1-6 months) for best absorption. If you give me a call or fill out my estimate request form, I will get you a staining price and put you on our schedule when your ready. I will then come out to stain the deck when it is ready.

I Use (High Quality) Semi-Transparent or Woodland Oil Deck Stain from Olympic. You're Choice Of Color.

My staining prices are as follows:

$1.50 Sq. Ft  - Deck
(Includes Stain – One Coat)

$2.00 Sq. Ft  - Arbor
(Includes Stain – One Coat)

$2 Lin. Ft (One Side) - Fence
$3 Lin. Ft (Both Sides) - Fence

(Includes Stain – One Coat)